Vehicle Valuation

Vehicle Valuation

Let us sell your car

Vulcan Motor Company Ltd would like to offer you the opportunity of a quick, safe and hassle free way of selling your car whilst still obtaining the best possible price for your vehicle.

It is something that in the motor trade we call SOR (Sale or Return.) The easiest way of describing this is: for an agreed price we will Prepare, Advertise, Market, Fully Insure and Sell your car on your behalf.

Why Sale or Return (SOR) your car?


In this day and age, fraud is a huge issue when selling your vehicle as criminals are always one step ahead. At Vulcan Motor Company Ltd, we have come across numerous tactics such as false bank accounts, fraudulent bankers drafts, false I.D. and we are well prepared for these methods of fraud.


In the current economic climate, the majority of people are buying cars using finance, this is where private sellers are struggling, it is nothing to do with the car itself but quite simply customers would much rather be able to come to the showroom and let us work out and obtain a finance package that suits. Its quick and efficient for customers to do it on site.

Part Exchange

Similar to finance, the majority of the performance / prestige car buying population will have a part exchange preventing them from buying your car. Unlike private sellers, we never refuse a part exchange

Peace of mind for the potential customer

With a wide variety of warranties available our customers not only have the peace of mind spending a lot of money but also have a dealership to fall back on.


We are always available for viewings, saving the hassle, awkwardness and risk of somebody coming to your own home as and when you can both agree on a suitable time to view the car.Your car would be locked in our forecourt / showroom the entire period it is here and covered under our insurance policy.

Test drives

Not only are there a lot of dreamers out there but there are also a LOT of opportunistic thieves targeting used car sellers as their next prey. Nobody will drive your car unless they have been through all our processes and have proof of funds available for purchase, only then will we endeavour on road test also still covered on our insurance policy (test drives are a huge problem for private sellers as 9/10 potential buyers are not covered to drive your car).

Please bear in mind, we are only looking for cars with full service history (may be independent)and up to 80k miles.

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Car Valuation